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 More photos will be added in the future, it's a start.


Equipment used:

Stephen Wilkins

Telescope: Celestron Adv VX 8" EdgeHD

Cameras: ZWO ASI183MC, ZWO ASI290MM Mini, Nikon V1, 30-110mm zoom, 300mm Zoom

Lenses: 0.67 reducer lens, Hyperstar lens, 3x Barlow 

Processing Software: DeepSkyStacker, PhotoShop CC, Planetary Imaging PreProcessor, AS2!, Registax6, Lightroom 


Jerome Wilson
Telescope: C8 Hyperstar

Guidescope: ZWO 60mm

Guide Camera: ZWO 1224MC

Main Camera: ZWO 1600MM

Filters: Baader 2" Ha, SII, OIII

Mount: Orion Atlas Pro

Focus: Farpoint bahintov mask

Capture Software: ASIAIR

Polar Alignment: QHY Polemaster

RGB: Sii: 10 x 300sec (300 gain) Ha: 10 x 300 sec (300 gain) OIII: 10 x 300 sec (300 gain)

Calibration frames: Darks and Flats

Processing Software: DeepSkyStacker, PI and GIMP 


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