Our Solar System 

We are going to talk about our Sun, our Moon, our planet Earth and the other planets.
First we start with a song about the eight planets, the names of the planets are:
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune,
together ​with the Sun they form our Solar System.
Click on the "The Planet Song" below and try to sing along with the music.

Okay, now lets have a look at our planet Earth where we live

Time for another short song about the eight planets

Let's have a look at our Sun which is in the center of our Solar System

So we talked about the Sun and the Earth, but let's not forget . . . . . . . the Moon.
The eight planets orbit around the Sun but the Moon orbits around the Earth.
Therefor the moon is not a planet but a moon!

Until now we only looked at the Sun, planet Earth and the Moon but there
are eight planets in the Solar System, so let's have a look.

Our Solar system is part of the Milky Way

So... how big is the Universe? It's big... really big... no, bigger than that... it's BIG

To learn more about Astronomy visit:
google "astronomy for kids"  


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