Dr. Wm. Hrudey Observatory at UCCI

The Observatory building is located on the left side of
the University College of the Cayman Islands Campus.


The white roof on top of the Observatory building can move to the left which enables astronomers to look at the sky.



​Dr. William Hrudey

​Dr. William Hrudey moved to Grand Cayman from Canada in 1997 after a successful medical career.
With a life-long interest in science and, as an amateur astronomer in his teens, Dr. Hrudey now had the time to build his "dream" telescope. Though hurricane Ivan destroyed most of the first version in 2004, it was rebuilt and offered to the University College of Cayman Islands (UCCI). It is housed along with a fleet of smaller telescopes at the UCCI Dr. William Hrudey Observatory, located on the campus. Dr. Hrudey was the Observatory Director, rendering the observatory capable of both solar and night sky CCD imaging. Hundreds of school students toured the Observatory in order to inspire them towards science. The observatory was to serve as a catalyst for many Astronomy and thereafter STEM related activities. Dr. Hrudey had been involved heavily in the Rotary Science Fairs but truly, his landmark effort came with the STEM Carib conferences that were his brainchild. The first one was held in 2012 and it has been held annually since growing from strength to strength. So, it was a well deserved honour when at STEM Carib 2017 Dr. Hrudey was presented with the Faculty Award 2017 bestowed by The International Association of University Presidents in recognition of his contribution with the building of the observatory, the running of Astronomy courses and notably the STEM Carib conferences – the first of its kind in the Grand Cayman. For the first time students had an opportunity to meet scientists from around the world and listen to cutting edge talks on science.
The highest honour came with the announcement from her Royal Highness the Queen who bestowed upon Dr. William Hrudey, the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, M.B.E, for services for promoting Science Education in the Cayman Islands. This speaks volumes for the contribution that Dr. Hrudey had made to his second home, through his vision, his foresight, and tireless efforts to make the world a scientifically better educated place. He changed the trajectory of the many many lives he touched and left his indelible mark on science in the Grand Cayman. He will forever be missed.
Dr William Hrudey (March 18, 1941 – February 22, 2018)  

Observatory Flyer

Observatory Flyer page 1


Observatory Flyer page 2


Observatory Flyer page 3

Below are several videos with Dr. Hrudey talking about his work at the Observatory

Dr. Hrudey talking about the Sun, his Life and his Work (8 Minutes)

TV Clip about the new 8 inch Solar telescope
(1 Minute)

A description of the 12.5 inch "Pixie Twinkle" telescope
(2 Minutes)

Radio Cayman Interview at the Observatory
(1 Minute)

Release of Astronomical Stamps
(1 minute)

Opening of the "Solar" exhibition at the National Gallery
(6 Minutes)

Dr. Hrudey's Solar presentation at the National Gallery
(2 minutes)

Presentation of the MBE Badge by
the Governor ​(4 Minutes)

Dr. Hrudey receives MBE
(3 Minutes)

A black ribbon at the door of the Observatory 22 February 2018 (1 Minute)


The official First Day Cover envelope and the four Stamps.
Available from the Philatelic Bureau at
the Seven Mile Beach Post Office, Phone: +1 345 946-4757

Read the UCCI Observatory Stamp Issue brochure comments pdf


8 Inch Solar scope built by Dr. Hrudey 


Different regions on the sun


Sun spot names


This image, taken with the 8 Inch solar scope, shows a sun spot and the earth to scale


Sunspot AR2887 28 October 2021


Very, very large Sun flare 28 October 2021

A copy of the SolarChat forum describing the problems that Mr. Hrudey had with the images of his 8 inch Solar Telescope in 2015
8inch Solar.pdf 


The 12.5 inch solar scope still in Dr. Hrudey's garage where it was built by him

Dr. Hrudey describing the build of his 12.5 inch Newtonian Reflector Telescope (9 Minute)

A copy of the SolarChat forum explainig the constuction of Mr. Hrudey's 12.5 inch Solarscope in 2016 - 2017

Till Sep. 2017 Dr. Bill Hrudey kept a Facebook page with info about his work at the Observatory.
See: www.facebook.com/UCCIObservatory

There are three telescopes in the Observatory, all built by Dr. Hrudey.
A 12.5 inch nightime telescope and two solar telescopes (8 inch and 12 inch).
Currently two members of CIAS are trying to keep the equipment up and running.


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